CHETAK Blue Casing and Slotted Pipes

Product Range – OD 140mm (5inch) to 200mm(8 inch)
Working Pressure – Above mention sizes are available in working pressure of 4kgf/cm² , 6kgf/cm² and 10kgf/cm² as per BIS Specification
Length Available – 3Mtr., 6 Mtr i.e 10 feet and 20 feet with one end self socket/threded socket



Cut the pipe as square as possible. Please ensure that fitment of pipe with socket of fitting is correct.

Total length of insertion of socket shall be marked on pipe (for most of the cases the pipe inserted should be up to the marked line and in no case shall be less than 2/3rd of the pipe end up to the marked line.)

The pipe and the socket should be clean and dry. Dust, oil, water, grease etc. should be wiped out with dry cloth or cleaner from the surfaces to be coated with solvent cement.

Roughen the outside of the pipe and the inside of the socket using sand paper or piece of hacksaw blade up to the entry mark. Stir adhesive i.e. solvent cement thoroughly.

Apply a thick coat of solvent cement using a flat clean brush evenly on the inside of the socket mouth for full length of insertion and then on outside of the pipe end up to the marked line.

After application of solvent cement, insert the pipe within one minute into the socket. Hold the joint for few seconds and ensure that pipe does not come out of the fitting. Wipe off extra cement. Let it dry. Within 24 hours, your CHETAK rigid PVC pipes are ready for use.

In case of big pipeline projects, it is recommended to refer our installation guide.

Quality Conformation

Our company gives primary importance to the quality of products. We have installed an advanced in-house testing laboratory with the testing equipment as per the Indian standards. The laboratory is equipped to carry all tests on raw material as well as finished products. Every product is tested on different physical and mechanical parameters before they are supplied in the market. Some of these parameters are design, dimension, finish, polish and others. Owing to our quality management system, we have acquired the ISO 9001:2000 certification by BIS, India.