CHETAK White Plumbing Pipes-Solvent Jointing (ASTM)

white-pluming-pipesGalvanized Iron Pipes had been in use for the past few decades for the distribution of portable water. The quality of these pipes had deteriorated so drastically over the past decade that environmentalists and public health engineers had to search for a proper replacement to overcome the problems of :

The most affluent nations have reverted to copper (Germany) and stainless steel (Japan). While countries in Middle East, Far East, Europe, America have opted for uPVC pipes to overcome these problems. The uPVC system is far superior and ensures uninterrupted flow of clean portable water for a lifetime.

Chetak have introduced White Plumbing Pipes & Fitting, which are lead free. A complete replacement for the galvanised iron pipe system for drinking water distribution, plumbing & sanitary applications based on ASTM specifications.

Technical Specifications

Colour – White
Pipes – As per ASTM-D 1785 Schedule 40, 80 and Schedule 120
Fittings – As per ASTM – D 2467 Schedule 80
Jointing – Solvent Type
Temperature – Up to 60 degree C continuous and up 90 degree C for short time
Test – Tested for portable water supplies as per IS : 4985
Size – Available: ½” to 2”

Salient Features

Non toxic, lead/ heavy metal free system suitable for portable water applications